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The Districts #1 Choice for I-71 Gifts



ZIP DC is Washington DC's leading gifting service. We provide an unparalleled selection of premium flower, concentrates and edibles. We understand the need of having a fast and reliable service, one that never compromises on quality and can always be counted on. Our experienced delivery drivers are prompt and ready to deliver to your door. We're only a few clicks away, so check out our collection today! 

Stage Mist
Ashley Bloom

Ashley Bloom

Fresh flower and fast service! This company has been my #1 go to whenever I'm in DC.

Natalie Simone

Natalie Simone

definitely recommend this company. They're super friendly and have a wide variety of top notch products to choose from!

James Anderson

James Anderson

These guys have the best quality in town. They're fast and reliable. They never let down.

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