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DC Weed Delivery

ZIP DC is the Premier Cannabis Delivery in DC

Welcome to ZIP DC – the District’s premier dispensary and preferred DC weed delivery specializing in diverse, quality flower, concentrates, or edibles products.

When it comes to DC weed delivery, ZIP DC’s drivers are experienced and ready to show up promptly with your cannabis delivery in DC adjacent neighborhoods.

Check out ZIP DC’s Dazzling Menu of Cannabis Delectable and Gifts include these gifts –

Have a question, a special request, or interested in ZIP DC’s current specials? Please give ZIP DC a ring (or text) at 202-670-5756, drop up an email, or reach out online.

Note, ZIP DC has a minimum age requirement of 21 to use our available services.

Keep up with ZIP DC’s updates and special offers by subscribing online or following ZIP DC on social media on Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Google+ or Facebook.

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