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What Services Should a Cannabis Store Offer?

The legal cannabis market is experiencing a boom, with numerous states legalizing the plant for medicinal or recreational use. To meet this growing demand, you will need to open a dispensary or buy from a company that has one.

However, first things first: what services should a cannabis store offer?


When it comes to the products, cannabis shops offer many options. The most common is dried marijuana, usually available in ounces and grams. When buying dried weed, you need to be aware of two types: Indica and Sativa. They have different effects on the human body. Indica is regarded to help people fall asleep. On the other hand, Sativa is more of a stimulant.

Other types of marijuana include concentrates and edibles. They have a much stronger effect than dried weed, so you should only try them if you're an experienced user of cannabis or your budtender suggests it to you. Concentrates include waxes and oils. They have a more potent effect, so they are usually recommended to experienced cannabis users.

Edibles include all kinds of foods or beverages that have marijuana. You can purchase them either online or from a local dispensary. Remember that edibles take a while before their effects kick in, so do not eat too many at once.

Cannabis Tests

As the cannabis industry is not yet regulated, likely, your dispensary does not know exactly what chemicals are in their products. To avoid this, they might send your product to a third-party laboratory where it will undergo testing for pesticides and other chemicals. You can also ask them to test for mold, THC content, and CBD levels.

Education And Recreational Use

A dispensary can offer more than just products; they often provide education to their customers so that the latter know how the product they are about to buy is supposed to affect them. They also advise on consumption methods (vaporizing, smoking, etc.), and they can recommend a product based on your personal needs.

In addition to this education, a dispensary might offer recreational use of cannabis. For example, suppose you have a medical card for marijuana but don't want to travel to another state to obtain it legally there. In that case, your dispensary might have a lounge area where you are allowed to consume the marijuana you've bought.

Service Providers

Finally, a cannabis dispensary might offer its customers various other services to make them feel at home. These can include shuttle service, delivery, and cashless transactions users pay with their smartphones.

Overall, you should ensure your dispensary offers at least dried marijuana, concentrates, and edibles when it comes to products offered. You can also request them to test their products for chemicals, pesticides, and mold. Furthermore, they should provide education on consumption methods and the characteristics of their products. Finally, some dispensaries offer recreational use or service providers that make customers' lives easier. Knowing the different services offered by a cannabis store will help you make the most of your dispensary experience.

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